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Special Business Owner’s Policy Hotel / Motel Endorsements



Typically only available to Motels, this Endorsement has been expanded by us to encompass Hotels as well.

Additional protection includes:

Liability for Guests’ Property – $25,000 per occurrence; $1,000 per guest

(Enhanced limits available of up to $100,000 per occurrence; $4,000 per guest)

Property coverage for personal property in rooms furnished by operator – subject to Property limits of policy

Indoor Swimming Pools – subject to Property limits of policy

Lock Replacement – $2,500 annual aggregate limit

Web Sites – up to $50,000 coverage per occurrence for “suspended operations” up to an annual aggregate limit of $100.00

Reward Payment – up to $5,000 per occurrence to eligible parties

Credit Card Slips – up to $10,000 during the policy period due to loss/damage


Hotel/Motel – Liability for Guests’ Property in Safe Deposit Boxes

We’ve expanded eligibility for this Endorsement to include Hotels as well.

LIMITS   $25,000 (which can be increased to $50,000, $100,000, and $250,000).


Herbicide Applicator Coverage

Typically for Landscapers, this endorsement is also offered by us to Hotels and Motels.


Deluxe Endorsement

Deluxe S-T-R-E-T-C-H Endorsement can also provide a valuable extra tier of EXTENDED COVERAGE for a number common exposures.


Outdoor Property:

  • Fences and signs (other than those attached to buildings), including expense associated with debris removal
  • Radio and television antennas as well as satellite dishes, including expense associated with debris removal
  • Outdoor furniture, decorative structures (i.e., gazebos, foot bridges, etc.), and stone or metal monuments or sculptures permanently anchored to the ground

$10,000 per occurrence subject to a $30,000 annual aggregate limit.

  • Trees, shrubs, plants, and lawn, including expense associated with debris removal ++
    $25,000 per occurrence (not more than $2,000 per tree, shrub, or plant OR $5,000 for lawn) subject to an $80,000 annual aggregate limit. 

Business Personal Property:

  • Personal Effects – Limits increased from $5,000 to $25,000.
  • Guests’ Property – $10,000 per occurrence; $50,000 annual aggregate limit for personal property belonging to guests that is located in the lodging establishment or in the open (or in a vehicle) within 1,000 feet.
  • Checked Coats and Bags – $50,000 per occurrence (up to $5,000 per customer); $100,000 annual aggregate limit per premises for items in the business’s “care, custody, and control” in a room staffed by (and accessible only to) personnel.

BOP Hotel/Motel Underwriting Guidelines

We have modified our standard underwriting  guidelines for this class of business to enable us to be an attractive market for hotels and motels. Specifically, we feature a maximum height of five stores (raised from three stories).


Chamberlin and Reinheimer Insurers is the perfect solution for everyday business owners who want the convenience of “One-Stop, Insurance Shopping” for comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. Our product features:

  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage
    To protect your employees from work-related illnesses and injuries. Many flexible options and value-added services are included that can make your workplace safer and bottom line stronger.
  • Business-owner’s Policy (BOP)
    To protect your business with common property and liability coverages as well as optional Special and Deluxe endorsements that expand protection and increase limits.
  • Commercial Automobile Coverage
    To protect your vehicles with liability, physical damage, and statutory coverages. A S-T-R-E-T-C-H endorsement with a variety of extras for minimal cost is also available. 
  • Commercial Umbrella Liability Coverage
    To provide an additional tier of protection, typically extending existing limits as well as your financial security.

For a more tailored solution, Chamberlin and Reinheimer Insurers offers an array of attractive “add-on’s” – including endorsements designed especially for the hotel/motel industry – which allows us to customize coverage that is just right for your needs! Ask About:

Checked Coats & Bags
Equipment Breakdown*
Food Contamination & Spoilage
Indoor Swimming Pools
Liability for Guests’ Property (Including Safety Deposit Boxes)
Liquor Liability
Lock Replacement

Loss of Business Income
Loss or Damage to Customers’ Autos 
Outdoor Property (such as furniture, satellite dishes, trees, scrubs, lawn, etc.)
Pesticide/Herbicide Applicator
Water Back-Up and Sump Overflow
Web Site Suspension

* Chamberlin and Reinheimer Insurers provides broad Equipment Breakdown Coverage including Mechanical Breakdown through a collaboration with market leader Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company.

Other benefits enjoyed by Chamberlin and Reinheimer Insurer Policyholders include cash-flow friendly payment options, on-line policy management, expert loss control resources, toll-free claims reporting, fair and responsive claims handling, superior customer service, and more!